Thursday, July 1, 2010

one of those torturous sort of days

 I only read ten pages yesterday. Ten! How sad is that?!! But the worst part...I was surrounded by books all day. Of course, being surrounded by books is actually a wonderful thing...the torture comes in the form of not being able to read them all. I worked in our little home library for quite a while. With Max's help, we went through and weeded out all his fiction books in there (we haven't tackled the ones in his room yet). We had piles to keep, a pile to send to a friend's little boy (which we, meaning me, boxed and got ready to mail, though who knows when it will actually get to the post office), a pile to donate to the library book sale, and a pile to be listed on PaperbackSwap (which we, meaning me, also accomplished). Then I also spent time at the town was Teen Game Night, so the boys and I went a little early to pick Annie up. They managed to each come away with books (even though Max had just checked out 15 the day before!), but I didn't come home with a single one. And then finally, I spent a couple hours with Annie in her room--sorting, weeding out, cleaning, and reorganizing her bedroom bookshelf. So yeah, books, books everywhere...and barely a minute to read.

And from the dangerous world of blog-reading, this book was added to my wish list:

*Guesthouse by Barbara Richardson (thanks to the lovely Staci's thoughts on the book).

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  1. I wanna know what Max came home with from the library :D Just the thought of him with a pile of books is so cute. And please don't feel bad for just reading ten pages! There are PLENTY of days where that's a good day for me :/