Saturday, September 4, 2010

that RIP state of mind

I tell you, I am just wallowing in RIP this year. Okay, I haven't actually finished a book yet... But my brain seems obsessed. And today the weather is cooperating in the most glorious way, with temps only reaching the low 60s and the wind blowing through the windows so strongly that it's *almost* a bit chilly.

Both The Tales of E.T.A. Hoffmann and Black Hole are moving along, so hopefully I will actually finish a book for the challenge soon. And the family has started our read-aloud of Half-Minute Horrors...such a fun book!!! The rest of the gang put up their RIP reading lists (Rich's, Annie's, Gray's, and Max's). Yep, Max started his own blog just so he could post his list. Gray and Annie have both already finished their first book--putting their parents to shame! (Hopefully Gray will actually post a review--but that might be asking too much.) Rich has started Dracula, and YAY, he's really loving it!

One of the things that has been the most exciting though, has been the boys' writing! Yes, Carl, we owe you a humungous thank you! It can be a real challenge to get either of the boys to write anything--but RIP has got their creative writing juices flowing. They've each written a handful of short scary stories. :D  One of Max's is titled "Skeletons vs. Zombies" and it begins:

They came up from the grave one night. They fought for ten years...
 Sorry, I just had to share that--it just makes me smile. And Gray wrote this story about stuffed animals that I must admit really creeped me out a bit.

And last night, Rich, Annie, and I decided to start on a mini-Hitchcock movie stretch. (Many thanks to Kate for suggesting Hitchcock in the comments when I asked for suggestions. I can't believe I hadn't thought of it myself!) Last night we watched Psycho. It was Annie's first time seeing it, and she really loved it! Tonight, we'll likely watch Frenzy...haven't seen old Dicko in a while. And this movie watching also allows me the time to work on a bit of RIP crafting. :)  I'll share soon what my little crochet hook is up to these days.


  1. Cool picture of the harvestman. Can't wait to kick back and watch Frenzy!

  2. lol .. i really want to move next door to you and the kids! lol although the next real spider photo you post might make me kill you! did you drop the other blog??

  3. Half-Minute Horrors is SOOOO much fun. I read it a couple of years ago, and it made me laugh and get goose bumps by turns.

    Excellent that your group is joining in! My stepdaughter blogs at and she'll be posting about RIP V soon.

  4. Rich,
    Frenzy was another winner, for sure. Now what should we watch tonight? Wish we had The Birds...I know Annie really wants to see that one.

    You know, I feel almost guilty mentioning our glorious fall temps to you and Chris.
    And no, I didn't really drop the other blog--I'm just lazy about posting. :P I'm sure there will be back-to-school photos later this week though. Though I'm still trying to deny that day is coming.

    We're enjoying Half-Minutes Horrors a lot! Though I have to admit there have been a couple that I've worried were going to cause, "I can't sleep because I'm too afraid" issues with the boys. So far, so good though.
    I didn't realize that Rocketgirl had a blog! Thanks so much for the link...I popped over already this morning and totally enjoyed it. And I can't wait to show it to my daughter!!!

  5. OMG I want to read the boys' stories!!! You have to email me some of them!! That is, if they'll let you ;) I just love the beginning of Max's story so much and Gray's story sounds truly creepy! You know what I'd love more than anything? To hear Max tell a story again :) I loved his little horror story voice! And that spider photo is deliciously creepy!