Monday, June 21, 2010

Father's Day edition

Don't think I'll set any goals this morning. And not because I never meet them anyway. But because it's Father's Day, and Rich gets to pick what we do today--I see much eating and hiking in store. :)  I've no idea how much time there will be for reading. Though I must get through the 35 pages in The Encyclopedia of the Human Body that I was supposed to read yesterday. Beyond that, who knows.

Okay, I think it was just yesterday that I said I sucked. I stick by that assessment. :(  Afraid my "must" reading just didn't get done. Only read the first 14 pages I needed to in the human body book. I'm afraid my brain has gotten rebellious on me here. The closer we get to the end of the school year, the harder it is to make myself do what I need to do. I'm serious, I may just give up and wrap things up. Let her finish up her big assignments, get her final tests made so she can take them, and call it good. I know damn well she's had a fantastic year of learning as is. 

On the non-suck side, I finished up the last 74 pages of Field Notes from a Catastrophe. OMG. What a freakin' incredible book. While I'm obviously not a climate science expert, I'm not really new to the subject either. I've been enamored with Al Gore for decades because of his concern for the environment and his efforts at educating the world about global climate change. I was beside myself giddy when Bill Clinton chose him as his running mate all those many years ago. And still with all I've read and watched on the subject, I found this to be well worth my time! Seriously, I wish EVERYONE would read it. Elizabeth Kolbert simply did a wonderful job at laying it out there...both the science and the politics. Now, if only people would listen...

And finally, I managed to stay awake for another 24 pages of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. And I really wanted to stay awake even longer but my eyes just wouldn't cooperate. Seriously, could these books be any more fun?!! I'm almost glad I haven't read them I get that thrill now. :)


  1. DEBI!!! Stop this "I suck" stuff right now!!! Seriously! I haven't read as many pages as you read today in I don't know how long! So if you suck, then you're saying I suck too...k? :p And I seriously need to read Field Notes From a Catastrophe! I've been dying to read that one!

  2. Chris,
    I just said I suck because I didn't do the reading I "should" have done, but instead did the reading I wanted to do. :D
    And yes! You do need to read Field Notes! You'll love it--I just know you will. (You know, in that way one can love a book that is overwhelmingly sad and utterly terrifying.)