Tuesday, June 22, 2010

lightning didn't strike me dead

I thought it might. I didn't read a damn thing for school today. Not one single page in one single book.

Of course, I didn't read much period. Thirteen pages in The Out-of-Sync Child while waiting for Maxidoodle's soccer game to start. Good book...I'll talk about it some other time. And 82 pages in Harry Potter. Again, I really, really didn't want to stop reading...but in the battle between gravity and my eyelids, gravity won. I know I still have over 100 pages to go, but at this point, I think I can definitely say this is my favorite of the Harry Potter books I've read thus far. Not that I didn't like the first two, of course, because I definitely did. And I don't even think that it's because of the "bad memories" associated with reading the first two. I think I'm really just enjoying this story more, like we're getting more depth or something.

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