Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I could really get used to this

This whole reading purely for fun thing, that is. :)

I know that I should start working on next year's school stuff. Though Annie will be taking many of her classes at the community college for next year, I will be handling English and history. I'll be using courses from The Teaching Company for both. Which should cut down on my work, but definitely won't eliminate it. I'll need to watch the lectures, do the readings so we can discuss them, gather up additional materials, and make up assignments and tests. Anyway, this is the course we'll be using for English (Masterpieces of the Imaginative Mind: Literature's Most Fantastic Works). And it involves massive amounts of reading! But I've decided not to worry about that until next week...I deserve a few days off from school, right?

Anyway, yesterday I read the next 66 pages in The Lightning Thief. I probably shouldn't be enjoying this book as much as I am. Whatever that means. ;)  But I am enjoying. Completely. Thoroughly. Undeniably. I'm learning a little about Greek mythology. I'm finding it rather humorous. I'm getting so caught up in the story that I'm constantly wanting to pick it up for just one more page. This is probably a weird thing to say, but it's making me want to read American Gods again. Yes, The Lightning Thief keeps triggering memories of American Gods, even though the books are so utterly different. Just the gods as people thing, I guess.

I also started the next Fables last night. I've been *craving* a graphic novel experience lately. Hard to believe I only started reading them a couple years ago, because I swear I could not live without them anymore. I read the first 51 pages of Arabian Nights (and Days). Thus far, not one of my favorites in the series. But that's doesn't mean I'm not loving it! Seriously, I can't believe I've gone so long without a Fables fix!!!

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  1. Yes, you SHOULD be enjoying your reading that much. It is what it is all about! :) I'm glad you got sucked into the world of graphic novels. I always consider it a big loss for people to poo-poo comics. They don't know what they are missing.