Monday, June 28, 2010

a quality, not quantity day

Not much read yesterday. Spent many hours cranking out Annie's fourth quarter report as required by NY's homeschooling regulations. I am so utterly thrilled to have this done, and I hope that with that behind me, reading time will be in greater supply.

I did read another 15 pages in The Lightning Thief. I know I've barely started it, but I am absolutely loving it! I wanted to read more last night, but it got to that point where I'd be reading and sort of falling asleep and be making up my own story in my mind instead of reading the real story. So I'd shake myself awake and have to reread the last page so I could wipe my imaginary story from my head and get the real story ingrained. And then it would all happen again. Three times is usually about my limit for these shenanigans, and I then just have to call it quits for the night.

We also started reading A Young People's History of the United States (Howard Zinn's book adapted by Rebecca Stefoff for the younger set, with his blessing). In the introduction, Zinn said he thought it was important for teens and sub-teens to be able to go beyond the whitewashed textbook versions of our history. I loved his attitude that kids don't need to be talked down to, that they are perfectly capable of hearing about the not-so-pretty/downright-ugly pieces of the story. Anyway, we read the first fifteen pages last night. I think the kids were impressed. The tale of Columbus being told is not the one they've learned in school...or at least it's a broader, more complete version. And you know, even at age seven, Max is doing fine understanding the book. Lots of questions asked. Lots of good discussion. Yep, I think this is going to be a worthwhile way to spend some family time this summer!

And we made did get our Summer Reading Goals chart made. So we're probably breaking about 1,001 rules of good decorating, but we hung it up on the pantry cupboard door. Hey, it works for us, and that's all that matters, right?

Our "summer" runs from June 25th through September 7th. We've each set our own goals for the number of books to finish during this time. And anyone who meets their goal gets a $15 gift card for the bookstore of their choice. (Last summer, Gray was the only one to meet his goal.)

Max's goal: 15 books
Gray's goal: 25 books
Annie's goal: 50 books
Rich's goal: 20 books
Debi's goal: 20 books


  1. Ooooh, I love the Summer Goals idea!! I totally want to make one of those for myself :p I'll be rooting for you all of course :) The Young People's History sounds really awesome!

  2. Chris,
    You should! Seriously! What's your goal? I'm going to add your name to our chart. :D