Thursday, June 24, 2010

some days are hardly worth writing about

Interspersed amongst the essays/articles in The Biodiversity Crisis are short little case studies as well as mini biographies of some of the people out there in the world battling biodiversity loss. All I managed to read yesterday from this book was one of these little (3 pages) case studies. It was about Lake Victoria and the cichlids. That whole situation is so utterly heartbreaking, both on a ecological level and on a human one. Anyone interested should watch the documentary Darwin's Nightmare. Such a powerful, disturbing, heartbreaking movie. And really, it's a vitally important story that most people know nothing about.

Bedtime brought me back to Harry. But unfortunately I'd stayed up too late that by the time I settled in to read, I could hardly keep my eyes open. Only read 18 pages. The shit was really starting to hit the proverbial fan, and still I couldn't win the battle against sleep. Oh well, just means tonight's reading will be mighty exciting.

And in the dangerous world of blog-reading, this book has been added to my wish list:

*Tamar by Mal Peet (thanks to the lovely Ana's review)

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