Wednesday, July 7, 2010

a book finished...shocking

Last 55 pages done. I was beginning to feel like I was never going to finish a book again. Don't even know why...I've certainly gone longer stretches than this without finishing a book before. And I assuredly will again. Anyway, The Lightning Thief is definitely one for the win column!

Random thoughts:

*I learned so much about Greek mythology! (Okay, so I was starting at a knowledge level of nearly zero, but still.) And it's encouraged me to learn even more. I'll have to ask Gray for book suggestions. ;)

*I've heard that the series, while good, goes a little downhill after this first book. But you know, I think I'm going to have to judge for myself. :) Not that I'll immediately be reading the rest (too many other books I'd like to get finished), but I will definitely be continuing. And I'd really love to read The Red Pyramid, Riordin's new series about Egyptian mythology! (That was something I was fascinated with as a kid.)

*By a certain point in the book, I started wondering if I was going to get tired of it. It was closing in on one too many monsters to outsmart on their quest. But just as I was starting to wonder, things switched up and completely kept my interest.

*I'm really looking forward to our family book club meeting...can't wait to see what Gray has to ask me.

So, in other reading...

Another chapter (22 pages) in Arabian Nights (and Days). Maybe I can even finish that book today...yeah, high hopes, huh? And another article (7 pages) in Urban Farm.

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  1. Ohhh: he's doing Egyptian mythology too?! I was obsessed with that as well (I had to do a research project on King Tut in 5th grade and that created the obsession): our family trip to Egypt was one of the highlights of my life. :D