Tuesday, July 6, 2010

other avenues of reading

Well, thanks to a wonderful recommendation from Chris, I picked up a magazine I'd never heard of last night. And spent much of my bedtime reading time reading the first 19 pages of it. Yes, Urban Farm truly is one of those read cover-to-cover type magazines. And with the exception of one of the letters to the editor, which annoyed the crap out of me, I am really enjoying it! I'd sort of forgotten how much I enjoy magazines overall--maybe this will motivate me to finally read through some of the enormous stack of scrapbooking mags I haven't made time for the last few years (and yet still can't seem to make myself unsubscribe from). Maybe it will...but not until I finish this one. :)

I did manage another 26 pages in The Lightning Thief as well. I'm sort of hoping to finish tonight, though it may not happen until tomorrow. Like I said, I'm enjoying it far more than I probably should...it's just a darn fun read!

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