Thursday, July 29, 2010

I can't believe how little I got read...

...though not because I usually read more than this or anything. In fact, many days I read a lot less. No, the thing is that I'm totally sucked into's so distracting, because I find myself thinking about it and wanting to pick it up all the time. But thus far, I've been good and stuck with getting my work done instead of ditching it all and just curling up with this book until I finish it. Anyway, yesterday I managed another 45 pages in it. For me, it's one of those books that isn't perfect, there are some definite flaws in my mind, and yet I'm thoroughly enjoying it anyway. :)

And in the dangerous world of blog-reading, these books have been added to my wish list:

*Love's Executioner by Irvin D. Yalom (thanks to Chris' heartfelt review...dang, I meant to look to see if the library had this when I was there this morning)
*No Place Left to Bury the Dead by Nicole Itano (thanks to Eva's glowing review of what sounds like an incredible book)

And what I'm dying to read from our own shelves (shelf #2):

*Through Black Spruce by Joseph Boyden
*The Homecoming by Ray Bradbury
*The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie by Alan Bradley
*The Brief History of the Dead by Kevin Brockmeier
*The Sisters Grimm: The Usual Suspects by Michael Buckley
*Northlander: Tales of the Borderlands by Meg Burden
*Black Hole by Charles Burns
*Fledgling by Octavia Butler
*Mijeong by Byun Byung-Jun
*The Unwritten: Tommy Taylor and the Bogus Identity by Mike Carey and Peter Gross

Like last time, if you could please help me maybe weed this list down a bit, I would greatly appreciate it. Tell me which ones you think I should leave on, and I will strike the rest off (with the exception of one I get to pick myself). 


  1. I haven't read any of those, but I'm really looking forward to Sweetness. I'm saving it for September when there's more fall crispness in the air!

  2. Chris' review had me checking my library catalogue too! And fortunately, they have it. :)

    Of your list this time I've only read the Bradley and Fledgling (although Through the Black Spruce is on my Canadian Challenge list). LOVED Fledgling, and raced through it to find out what happened next. Total page-turner. :) And I definitely enjoyed the Bradley, although I didn't love it as much as most bloggers.